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Did you know, 12 children die tragically from blind cord accidents every year?

Did you know, more than 16,000 children were treated in emergency rooms in the US between 1990 and 2020?

Did you know, there is a way to prevent these unthinkable tragedies?

Imagine if Advanced technology could save your child or pet with a simple device.

SafeCords has created that device.


Activate an alarm after 3 seconds of tension in case of entanglement, allowing proper function of your window treatments.

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Alarm sounds when continuous tension is applied.

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Fits on most blind cords

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The Blind Alarm

The Blind Alarm will sound a loud 85db buzzer to get your attention when tension is applied for more than 3 seconds. It is easy to install on existing window treatment pull strings within minutes.

This device also features a low battery warning, so you will never have to worry about the device not functioning when you need it most.

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About Safe Cords

The Blind Alarm was created to aid in the prevention of strangulation and death caused by window blind cords and strings. This device will alert parents and pet owners in the event of accidental entanglement or strangulation due to unsafe dangling window treatment strings and cords.

Safe Cords was founded to create a solution to an industry’s dangerous, unforeseen consequence: window treatment cord safety. More than 16,000 children were treated in emergency rooms in the US between 1990 and 2015 for injuries related to window treatment cords, averaging around 2 children a day. Our goal is to capture the attention of parents, expecting parents, and pet owners by informing them of the potential dangers and past tragedies that exist with blind cords. At Safe Cords, we believe every window treatments sold today should have this device as an added safety measure to reduce the risks of strangulation and deaths in the future.


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